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The Suite HTX



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Time icon 2 hr min recommended

Maximum Capacity per booking is 10 people in the studio at a time. There is a main lobby in the building for additional guest.

The availability of Lightning and Props is subject to change and they are included as complimentary with your rental.

Cameras are not included in your rental.

Our seasonal decor/sets change in accordance with the holiday. Easter sets are available until 3/30/24.

Our 2000 sq ft studio rental is perfect for creatives of all kinds. It has a large open space that can be easily configured to accommodate different types of creativity and photoshoots, including videography, portrait, product, and fashion photography. Additionally, the studio features 4 themed rooms, a green screen, a bathtub with a black velvet curtain that can be opened for natural light, a Victorian sofa, a piano, a long hallway and an aerial hook which can be used to create unique and interesting photographs. It also has wifi, a reception area, and dedicated dressing room. So, whether you're a photographer, influencer, content creator or model just looking for a place to make your shoot unforgettable, our studio is the perfect choice.  

  ✨ Inside the open space you’ll find. ✨
~a red victorian sofa
~a high heeled shoe chair
~art work
~a piano
~mini egg chair
~multiple chandeliers
~a black wall
~a professional installed aerial hook. Safety and weight tested.
Speed Square Icon 1008 sqft

Your rental also includes 6 additional themed rooms.

~ The Boudoir Room~

Experience the magic of our enchanted garden boudoir room.

✨ Enchanted Garden Theme ✨
Inside the room you’ll find.
~ a bed with canopy drape
~moon backdrop
~lush greenery
~luxury velvet curtains
~ led candles
~ remote controlled twinkle lights
~Bluetooth speaker
~professionally installed garden swing, safety and weight tested.
Weight limit 300lbs.
Speed Square Icon 118 sqft

~ The Lounge~

Step into luxury at our Red Velvet Lounge. Our plush velvet seating and elegant decor offer an unforgettable experience of glamour and elegance.

✨ Red Velvet Theme ✨
Inside the room you’ll find.
~ luxurious wrap around seating
~a luxury basketball hoop
~luxury velvet curtains
~a fur carpet
~ antique props
~ cigar boxes
~ bluetooth speaker
~mood lighting
Speed Square Icon 108 sq ft 

~The Pink Kitchen~
This pink-themed dreamland is the perfect space for any
content creator looking to add some nostalgia to their content.  
✨In the kitchen you will find✨
~ a pink bistro set for two 
~ a pink refrigerator
~a pink microwave
~a pink popcorn machine
~a pink cappuccino maker
~ pink refrigerator
~ pink cookware
~ a pink vintage telephone
~2 pink gumball machines
~ pink dishes
~pink drinkware
~pink serve ware
~ canisters
~pot holders
~ pink heart shaped sponges
~ a life size Barbie inspired Box
~plus other items to make your experience unique

 Speed Square Icon 91 sqft

 Do not use the sink.

~  Psychedelic Room~

Get ready for a visual explosion with our psychedelic room! Our studio features a vibrant fur wall and an electrifying thunder cloud ceiling that will add a trippy and surreal touch to your photos. 

✨ Psychedelic Theme ✨
Inside the room you’ll find.
~ inflatable furniture
~an iridescent table
~ stuffed animals
~a lavender fur wall
~streamers and disco balls
~bluetooth bling box speaker
~a green screen
~a led cloud ceiling operated via Bluetooth.
The ceiling syncs to music.
Speed Square Icon 126 sq ft

~  Media/Podcast Room~

✨Inside the room you’ll find.✨
~ a sofa and chair
~ a 50” smart tv
~coffee table
~velvet backdrop
~led candles
~ lighting equipment
~an origami inspired lamp
~a production tripod

~ 5 lavalier microphones

Speed Square Icon 82 sq ft 

Time icon 2 hr min recommended (not required).

Speed Square Icon   2000 sqft

Person icon Maximum Capacity per booking is 10 people

Must be 18 years of age or older to reserve this space. At no time are customers to engage in any kind of unlawful activities while on the premises of The Suite HTX. 

Access to our private offices is prohibited.  

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Make your mark with The Suite HTX. Our team consist of an in house master photographer, model coach, set designer, fashion designer, and MUAH.

The Suite HTX is your space to create content that hits hard and leaves a lasting impression. Whether you're an up-and-coming podcast host, social media influencer, model or photographer, this studio rental is perfect for you. With top-of-the-line equipment, themed rooms, and a central location in Houston, Texas. The Suite HTX is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to produce high-quality content. Get ready to take your career to the next level.